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Tyrone Olson, Urethane Team -

Tyrone Olson 🛹💯
Grab his wheels from the link in bio🤩
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Deck Team, Jake McNichol, Tyrone Olson -

Old School Army Update- Started off the last weekend with Tyrone Olson’s interview with @trueskateboardmag.  The last Saturday was the last Freedom Skate Park open session.  Thank you for your support of the Trenton Skate Scene and this fantastic non-profit that helped so many people have the opportunity to enjoy a world-class skatepark, @freedomskatepark.  I would also like to thank Team Rider Jake Nichols @jake.mcnichol for spearheading such an excellent program.   We got a lot of work done in the woodshop last week and started developing our Skateboard building course.  We got feedback from @staackmoore staffer Tori @artofswimming.  Check...

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